Sunday, March 11, 2012

Protein & Juice Fasting

I got asked about protein today. Surprisingly enough, I get about 40g of protein with all the kale, broccoli and other fruits and veggies I put in my juice. Some say it's not enough, but I think for 60 days it should be fine. When you have weight loss surgery, your surgeon wants you to get at least 70 g of protein a day. Some think just eating fruits and veggies is unhealthy because of the protein. Consider this. A moose is a very muscular animal, and the moose ONLY eats grass. Isn't that amazing? An animal with such muscular strength and tone only eats plants. So why doesn't he eat protein? Hmm....

Protein does help curb appetite and fill full, and I would REALLY love some fried chicken right about now, lol. But during this fast experiment/journey, plants are going to give me my protein.  Once I'm done with the fast, I'll start adding more protein to my diet, mostly from fish, beans and nuts.

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