Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 5 - down 1 pound

Day 5
weight: 224.4 (down 1.0, 10.8 pounds total)

I was surprised that I only lost 1 pound, but I'm glad I did lose. I need to start walking. I probably also need to start drinking more juice. I only drink about 60-70 oz a day, and I'm sure I should be drinking at least 80oz. I'm going to boost my juice today to 4-5 glasses per day instead of the 3.
Slept great another night. I woke up early but I didn't want to get up and it took a lot for me to fall back asleep because I had so much energy. I plan on using more green in my juice today and less fruit.

Breakfast (1:45pm)

32 oz of juice this time. Small OAS reaction, but more coughing then usual. I think it was because I added more celery and more clementines this time.

Lunch (4:15pm)

Made a fruitier juice this afternoon, with more strawberries and raspberries. I always included kale regardless of what kind of juice I make. Not because I like the taste, but because green veggies have a lot of beneficial nutrients. My biology professor use to say eating green veggies is "eating the sun".

Made Eggplant Parmesan for dinner. It smells so good. It's one of my favorite meals. Looking forward to having it when the fast is over.
Dinner (8:30pm)

Nothing fancy, same ole juice.  No OAS reaction at all.  The time change last night had me all mixed up today, lol.  I did everything later than normal, lol.  My grandson is here.  He's 3 months younger than my youngest daughter, who is almost 21 months.  I want to go to bed in 30 minutes, but I don't know if they will let me, lol.  I'm very sleepy.  Since I started the fast, my body lets me know when it's ready to sleep and it wants to sleep immediately, lol.  I mean, there is no "I'm getting sleepy."  It's just, "OMG, I'm so sleepy."  LOL  I actually like that because I've had some trouble falling asleep in the past. 
I wanted to try to drink 5 juices, but I really wasn't hungry for more than the 3 I had today.  But I did manage to have 76 oz of juice today.  I've also been trying to get my water in.  I'll do better with the water tomorrow.

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