Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 4 - 2.2 more pounds gone

Weight: 225.4 pounds - down 2.2 pounds, 9.8 pounds all together

Wow almost 10 pounds in 3 days! That's crazy!!! Very excited and motivated to keep going. Slept great.

Breakfast - 11:30am (late, it's Saturday)
I won't give you the boring details of my juice but I did add a plum and a stalk of celery. Raw plums and celery always gave me trouble. Well, I didn't get the itchy throat or anything, but I did cough a little. Nothing too major. I bet my OAS is gone by the end of the 60 days. My body loves fruits and veggies!
I have cooked dinner every night on this fast and this morning I cooked breakfast; pancakes and bacon.  It smelled delicious, but I didn't have a bite.  I've stuck to the fast....except once.  I cut up a corn dog for my daughter and before I knew it I had a piece in my mouth.  It was out of habit that I nibbled it.  I spit it out, though, I refused to swallow it.  So for going on 4 days, I've been strictly juicin'...and I love it!
Lunch - 4pm

I ate lunch late but I was pretty hungry today, just have been super busy. Went to the store to get more apples, cucumber carrots and kale. I'm disappointed that my husband has been eating now and then while supposedly on a "fast". Doesn't matter, I'm going going to keep going and I'm going to lose 60 pounds...or more!

Dinner: 7:55pm

Was really hungry tonight. I am craving fried chicken and bread. This is the first night were my cravings are over powering. I guess because I'm watching more tv than usual. It's the weekend and weekends were the hardest for me when I was dieting. But I made it. Nothing but juice!

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