Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 7 - Back to my regularly scheduled programming

Day 7
Forgot to weigh myself.
This was a super hectic morning which is why I forgot to weigh myself.  It was my first day back from spring break, and my husband got a new job, so I had to do all the driving.  I got up at 3:50am to stream my church's prayer service.  I pressed snooze to go back to sleep my body wasn't having it.  So I just stayed awake, although I didn't get out of the bed. 
I begin dropping everyone off at 6:30am, then off to school.  I made a huge juice and drunk half and saved the rest for later while I was in school.
Breakfast: 7:30am and 11:15am - 40oz all together
I drunk a juice before I headed off to school and then I drunk a juice in my second class. By the time I got home around 3:30pm, I was SUPER hungry. All I kept thinking about was that left over fried chicken in the refrigerator. SMH But I drunk my juice and was happy. It'll pay off when I get on the scale and when I finally beat my food addiction demons.
Lunch: 3:45pm - 20oz
No OAS reaction all day - which is awesome!!!  Cravings are still there, which is so weird.  I just don't understand.  Everyone says the first 3 days are the hardest, but not for me.  The first 3 days weren't barely as hard as yesterday and today.

Dinner: 7:30pm - Naked Smoothie...bad idea

I was out and about all night last night and ended up drinking one of those Naked smoothies.  BAD IDEA!!!  First of all, I didn't realize it had bananas in it, and secondly, I haven't had milk in months.  I had stomach cramps and light headedness all night. 

NOTE TO SELF:  When you know you're going out, pack some fruit and veggies or make sure there is a real juice bar on your route.

Can't wait to get to get on the scale to see how much I've lost. 

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