Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 11 Tired & Bloated

Day 11
Why am I tired and bloated today? Because yesterday I cheated.  It was such a great day out yesterday, so my Hubby and I went out with the kids.  We went to the park and had a great time.  My husband said, let's go out and just have one meal.  I was starving so I gave in.  Bad Idea!!!  I was light headed and sick to my stomach.  I woke up this morning bloated and dragging with no energy at all.  Ugh!   Back to juicing.  I won't cheat again! LOL

Breakfast 9:30 32 oz
Mixed fruits and veggies.  Added kiwi for the first time.  I did have a medium OAS reaction.  My lips are itchy and I'm coughing more than usual. 

Super hungry today.  Probably because my body is craving that crap I ate last night.  Well, it can forget it!  I hated the way I felt afterward.

Lunch 1:30  32 ozSame as breakfast.  Made enough juice for the day.

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