Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pre-Fast - The whys....

December 2010 - 266 pounds
Wow, Christmas 2010 I weighed 266 pounds.  I had lapband surgery January 2011 and by October 2011, I was 208 pounds. 

Feb 2011 - 230 pounds
October 2011 - 208 pounds

The Lapband changed my life and it is a great tool.  A lot of my friends that have had Lapband surgery are close or at their goal weight.  Me?  Far from it.  In fact I stopped going to the doctor, stopped exercising and started eating like I use to.  I gained a lot of my weight back.  I am now back to 235 pounds.  Not happy about that at all!!!

My problem?  FOOD ADDICTION.  Before I had the surgery, I really should've been treated for my food addiction.  I didn't realize I had an addiction until I got my Lapband.  Some people say weight loss surgery is the easy way out.  UH UH, NOW WAY, HECK NAW!!!  It is soooo hard, harder than a diet because not only do you have to deal with diet and exercise, your mind really gets to you.  You have to overcome yourself and your mind in order to be successful. 

Then one day I saw this movie and it changed my whole way of thinking!

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is a documentary about Joe Cross and his journey on a 60 day Juice Fast/Feast.  For 60 days he didn't eat anything, he just drank fruit and vegetable juice that he made himself.  There are so many macro nutrients that you get from juicing yourself that you don't get in the bottles of juice you get at the store.  Not only did he lose 70 pounds in 60 days, he also was cured of his debilitating autoimmune disease.  I was all in!!


I have Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS).  OAS is when you are allergic to some RAW fruits and veggies.  Cooked or processed, the fruits and veggies are not a problem.  Its when the are raw.  There is an enzyme or protein that certain foods have that are destroyed when they are cooked.  In my case it is not life threatening.  I just get an itchy mouth, throat and ear, my eyes water and I have a cough.  It's more annoying than anything.  Bananas and certain melons make me vomit so I stay clear of those.  I believe this juice fast will get rid of my OAS.  We'll see. :)

So my goal is to do a 60 day fast, but I'm taking it only 10 days at a time.  If I get to 10 days and stop, it will still be a victory.  But I want to last the whole 60 days. I want to lose 60 pounds and get cured of the OAS and food addiction.  I know it won't be easy, but it will be worth it!!!

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